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Media Blog Review

This media blog has changed my relationship with media, though, it doesn’t show a lot in my daily interactions with it. Both before and after my experience with the media blogs, I’ve watched similar amounts of video games and YouTube, yet, I’ve felt a major paradigm shift in my perspective of major media. For example, I find myself being more critical and suspicious of ads and movies involving other bc brand companies. I find it harder to fall into that trusting ethos of a company because I now know it might be covering up some lack of logos. And, many times these suspicions have been rewarded with a phrase that reveals obvious ambiguity, or an advertisements blind faith in a high concept. So, if I’m seeing these results, have these revelations been productive and helpful, or do they just expose me to another thing to worry about?      I wouldn’t argue that awareness, despite it often being uncomfortable in regards to media, would be negative. Yet, I find myself searching for fau…

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